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In order to use Midnight Vaper's products and services you must:

  • Be of legal age (18-21) in your province or state of residence.

  • Understand that our products are not health products and are not smoking aids or smoking cessation devices. Our products are not 'cigarettes' or tobacco products. Our products are personal vaporizers (PV) and personal vaporizer accessories and are considered to be and intended to be a hobby of their own.

  • Some PV (personal vaporizer) devices can and do contain nicotine. Nicotine is a schedule F drug in Canada and is highly addictive. You can become addicted to the inhalation of nicotine via your PV device.  eLiquids containing nicotine can be harmful or even fatal if ingested.  Keep eliquids away from children and pets.

  • There may be health risks associated with the misuse of PV devices or Li-Ion batteries or the use of such products with incorrect settings and applications.  Use of such products is at your own risk.  Please visit our safety section for more information.
  • There may be heath risks associated with PV devices and the inhalation of vapor from your PV device. There is not enough evidence available to clearly state the possible risks and side effects of inhalation of vapor.

  • Health Canada advises against the use of personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette devices.

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