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Payment Methods (Canada):

Due to the unregulated status of electronic cigarettes in Canada most payment processors (Credit Card Co, Paypal etc) will not support transactions in Canada at this time, or do so with unfair rates and restrictions.  Fortunately for Canadians there is a great, easy to use alternative in the form of Email Money Transfers.

Email Money Transfers are secure transactions handled by your personal bank and the Interac network at a fraction of the cost of other processors.  Because the transaction is handled directly by your bank, etransfers are as secure as any other option and costs a very reasonable $1.50 or less per transaction.  These transactions are supported by over 200 banks and financial institutions in Canada.

To use Email Money Transfer you simply log into your online banking account or web banking account and select the option to electronically send funds to a Canadian email address.  These transactions take place on your banks website and no information is ever passed to our website or server.

Email Money Transfers can be send to:

Security Question: Use any question you like

Security Answer: Can be anything you like, but when you place your order and fill in the password field during checkout you need to fill in the exact password you will then use to send the transfer.  Passwords are case sensitive so please make sure if you use any capital letters to use them both at checkout and when you send your tansfer.  It is recommended that you use passwords that are at least 6 characters and to not use any spaces.

Visit the Interac website for more information on Email Money Transfers.

**Note** If you would like to discuss using a different payment method such as Paypal please email