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One of the main points of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vapourizers is harm reduction, so it only makes sense to take some time to learn how to use your equipment safely.  Using the wrong type of battery or charger, using cheap batteries and chargers, incorrectly handling your equipment, or putting strain on your system with incorrect settings or settings that overtax your hardwares capabilities can put you at risk for harm.

The following information is rudimentary and meant to give you the basics of eCig Safety and should be considered a starting point for further research.  We are not experts in electronics and product safety.  We are not experts in battery safety.  We have tried to provide links to further information from (we feel) reputable sources where possible, but ultimately it is the end users responsibility to understand the hardware they are using and learn how to use it safely.

Midnight Vaper does not take resposibility for any damage or injury that may occur from the use of our products or from the use of the information provided below.  We strongly urge our customers to do their own research when learning to use their hardware safely, especially those using unregulated mods, high wattage devices or low resistance & sub ohm RDA`s, tanks & coils.

  1. General eCig Safety
  2. Li-Ion Battery Types and Safety
  3. Links to Further Information

1. General eCig Safety

  • eLiquids containing nicotine can be harmful and even fatal if consumed (drank).  Keep eliquids away from children and pets.

  • Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin.  If you spill elqiuid containting nicotine on yourself, your clothing or external surfaces wash it off immediately, especially if using high nic liquids or nicotine base.

  • Always buy the best quality hardware you can afford in your price range from known, reputable companies.  This is especially true when dealing with Mods and Li-Ion batteries & chargers, but also applies to standard ecig batteries (and arguably eliquid also).  There are a lot of cheap ecig out there and it can be tempting to just look at price, but not all ecigs are equal.  There are many cheap ecig products that are simply slapped together and pushed out the door.  There are also many fake items or resold rejects from band name companies.  This is not to say that you should pay high prices for your vape gear, but if you see prices that are noticably lower than the going rate there probably is a reason for it.

  • Only use chargers that are rated for the type of eCig battery you are charging, including their power rating and polarity.  Using the wrong type of charger to charge your batter can damage the battery and create risk.  As an example, do not use an eGo fast charger to charge a small capacity 510 cigalike battery.

  • As with all consumer electronics, never leave eCig batteries unattended when charging.

  • Do not over charge ecig batteries, they should be removed as soon as they have reached full charge.

  • Do not carry loose ecig batteries, and especially Li-Ion batteries, in your pockets with keys, coins or other metalic objects.

  • If atomizers, cartomizers or batteries are getting noticably warm or hot then something is wrong or they are being stressed.  Rest or discountinue use until they return to normal temperature and troubleshoot if necessary.  Obviously heating elements are going to get hot and can make certain tanks warm with use but if it doesn`t feel right it most likely isn`t.  Ensure you are using the right combination of battery & tank and ensure that you are vaping at an appropriate voltage/wattage for your device.  If batteries are becoming warm or hot there could be a short, a charging issue, or you could be overtaxing them.  Discontinue use and ensure you are using your equipment within its capabilities.

  • Do not use electronic cigarettes without eliquid or allow eliquid to run dry.  Wicks & coils that are not saturated can get hotter than intended and can be damaged.

  • Do not leave electronic cigarettes, or attempt to use them, in very hot or very cold environments.

  • Vaping with low resistance and sub ohm coils or vaping at high wattages will effect how much nicotine and potentially harmful chemicals you are inhaling.  The health risks of high temperature vaping and `cloud chasing` are not yet fully understood.  It is advisable to be moderate in your use.  Sub ohm and high wattage vape at your own risk.

  • Do not drip & drive (yes it`s funny and it is O.K to laugh.  But it is good advice).

2. Li-Ion Battery Types & Safety

  • Battery safety is an important aspect of vaping and should not be taken lightly.  This is especially true when dealing with Li-Ion batteries and when vaping at high watts or sub ohm resistance.  As a general rule, buy higher quality batteries and a quality intelligent charger if possible.  Battery safety is not an area you want to cheap out on, yet there are vapers who are spending a couple hundred dollars on a mod and buying cheap or unknown batteries or chargers to power them.

  • One of the best strategies to safe vaping is to understand the concepts of Voltage, Resistance, Wattage, Amperage and C rating and how these numbers interact to effect your vaping experience.

  • Do not overcharge your batteries and do not use them or store them undercharged.  Always check the voltage of your battery before using it.  Batteries should not read more than 4.2 and should not be used below 3.3 including load.  Batteries should not be stored discharged.

  • Never carry batteries loose in your pockets or purse with other items, especially coins or keys.  Always use plastic battery containers or battery sleeves (condoms).  Plastic battery cases are very inexpensive and provide protection for your batteries
  • Never use a battery if the outer wrapper has been damaged or torn.  The entire outside shell of the battery is the negative terminal, and should never be exposed.

  • Always use a battery drain calculator to determin if you are using your battery within its safe limits.

  • As a general rule of thumb, you should not fire more than 65 watts per 20a battery or 90 watts per 30a battery.  IE if your device holds two batteries you could fire 130 watts (20a) and 180 watts (30a).  Again this is a very general rule.  Using proper specs in a battery drain calculator will give you a more precise guideline for your personal vaping situation.

  • A good way to look at the relationship between capacity (mAh) and power (amps) is that the higher the power of the battery the less the capacity will be.  The higher the capacity the less the power will be.  Vapers who wish to vape at high wattages or low resistances will need a higher amp batter (at the expense of mAh).  Vapers who vape at modest watteges and higher resistances may prefer a battery with more capacity for longer vape times between charges.

  • Never use your batteries above their rated specifications.

Midnight Vaper carries the following type of batteries:


ICR batteries are fairly volatile and if they vent they can vent violently.  ICR batteries typically have higher capacity (mAh) but lower discharge rates.

ICR batteries should never be used in unregulated devices like mechanical mods and should never be used on high wattage devices or low resistance (sub ohm) setups.

The only scenario in which ICR batteries are safe to use is in a protected device using standard or high resistance coils at moderate or low wattages.  In this case the additional capacity may be desired for longer vape times between charges.  Always follow ohms law and use a battery drain calculator to ensure you are within the safe limits of your battery.

IMR LiCo04:

IMR batteries use safer chemistry and are generally more suitable for vaping.  They can still vent but do not vent as violently as ICR batteries.  IMR batteries typically have lower capacity (mAh) but offer higher discharge rates and can provide higher amps.

IMR batteries are suitable for any style of ecig or mod provided you choose one with the appropriate specs for your setup.  Use ohms law and a battery drain calculator to ensure you are not over stressing your battery.


Hybrids are similar to IMR batteries with safer chemistry but allow for higher capacities (mAh) than IMR and higher discharge rates and amps than ICR.  Hybrids can still vent but do not vent as violently as ICR batteries.  Hybrids include INR batteries (Samsung), VCT batteries (Sony), CGR (Panasonic).

Hybrid batteries are suitable for any style of ecig or mod provided you choose one with the appropriate specs for your setup.  Use ohms law and a battery drain Calculator to ensure you are not over stressing your battery.

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